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LP Max Taping
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LP Max Taping

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LP Max Taping is an innovative kinetic tape with a unique 4-arc pattern that can help lessen pain during motion and enhance muscle strength.

Each pack contains 10 sheets.

Size Guide

Small  5.5 " x 14cm  Wrist/foot/ankle
Medium  7 " x 18cm  Elbow/shoulder/knee
Large  8.7 " x 22cm  Neck/back/leg

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Proper application of Max Taping can create an opposite shearing force which will slowly provide deep massage treatment to damaged/stiff muscles and adjacent tissue. This will stimulate circulation, relieve pain and support weak tissues and joints.

Max Taping can be applied to all injury prone parts of the body including knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist and back. The single piece pre-cut design allows easy application and provides immediate protection.

The 4-way stretch material of this kinetic tape allows the joint to stretch in every direction, and it is light and quick drying for better ventilation and reduced possibility of skin irritation.

LP Max Taping is available in Pink or Blue and in sizes Small, Medium or Large. Each pack contains 10 sheets.