(£8.33 Metre)

Custom length Training Net for Indoor or Outdoor Volleyball

Quantity in the cart is equal to 1 Metre of net, therefore if you require a 10 Metre net then quantity = 10 and so on.

Please allow four weeks for delivery of this item

Detailed information below



This long volleyball net is perfect for training and is the same size as tournament regulation nets. The net is manufactured from knotless polypropylene netting and has a mesh size of approx. 100mm. It features a 50mm wide white headband which houses the Kevlar headline measuring the net length + 2m.

Measure  the wall to wall or fitting to fitting, then subtract 1m from the measurement, this will be the net body length and the strong Kevlar headline will be 2m longer unless a longer headline is required.

All volleyball nets are fitted with plastic disks at both ends of the net to prevent the  Kevlar headline from accidentally slipping back into the tape.